Thursday, March 24, 2011

24th March

Looking forward to going home this weekend. 1st of the directing assesments today lets pray it goes well. One week till another A.C.E birthday! Currently drinking hot chocolate.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing Dress Up

Had a really good night out at Ocena on Monday, I really needed it. Tuesday we had a costume workshop and we learnt all about the fittings and rehearsals etc. We were each given a picture of sketches of a character with their imagined costume ideas on we then had to go and find the shoes we thing they would wear in the shoe room. Wow never seen so many shoes. We then got to try on corsets which at first extremely uncomfortable but after a while became very comfortable. It was a really fun insight into the costume world. I didn't think this week would end but its finally Friday, and I have so many lines to learn and so much work to do. Went to the SU last night to celebrate St.Patricks Day it's a big thing here as there are so many students from Ireland. Two weeks till I'm 19, it's been a good year! Never felt so sure that I'm in the right place due to my own choices. Thinking of all of those suffering in Japan, I hope you get through this nightmare.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Went to the pub yesterday to watch the rugby- Wales vs Ireland. I think today is England vs not sure but its within the six nations. Ended up spending the whole afternoon then evening in spoons. It was a good night though. Weekends here are strange, they are nice and relaxed as apposed to my hectic week full of lectures and rehearsals. I do love going home but sometimes its a relief not to be travelling half the time, its surprising how long you spend travelling. Quite tired today, didn't sleep very well. It's mine and my triplet's birthdays this month, I can't believe we are all going to be 19. It will be the first time in 19 years that I won't see them on our birthday and I think that's quite sad. I will see them at Easter but Easter is very late this year, it sometimes falls on our birthday. I've been scanning the charity shops for props for my directing module, there are so many in Twickenham some nicer than others. Looking forward to next weekend as George is coming up to see me, got a tough packed week ahead!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Looking out of my window this morning, and the blossom is blossoming so beautifully. The sun is shining and I feel good. I think I'm really gonna miss halls, they are disgusting but as the time goes by I really love it here. We went to look at a house last night and It just put everything in perspective. We are actually going to have to travel to uni, cook our own food and clean our own rooms! I won't miss the cleaners though I've heard enough about their lives I could write a book. I really do hope I can go somewhere sunny with George this summer, would be lovely. Still looking forward to some lovely hot sunny days at Suffolk and going to beach break in south wales. Now I just need to find a job or something to experience in the time before we start up here again. Off for a picnic with the drama lot by the park :)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Only over a month to go and my year as a fresher will be over! It seems to be going so fast, I'm desperately trying to hold onto all the time I can. I really didn't know what to expect prior to uni, you hear all sorts of things but I generally, all round love it. The area is beautiful, location perfect as I can pop home when and If I need to, the course is amazing and the friends couldn't be lovelier. I really couldn't ask for more and I think I definitely made the right choice coming to uni, I'm not saying it isn't difficult the work and being away from home but I feel it's a brilliant way to grow up more independently still within the bubble of security before stepping out into the big scary outside world. The next step is looking for a house for next year, it's hard round here because there just aren't any! Off to Heroes rehearsals now, toodles.