Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Royal Wedding- Catherine and William.

What a magnificent day! Went out the night before to Zens in Dartford with my friend from uni and was with all my other friends from school etc was a nice reunion. Came home and watched the wedding before going to my Nan's just in time for the balcony kiss! It's strange that I was so captivated by the whole thing from the moment Catherine stepped out of the car. Even though the atmosphere looked amazing in London I was glad I didn't go as there were a few too many people there and I'm not good in those situations. I felt the day brought the whole country together and it made people realise how important our country and our family really is. I'm sure there were many babies born on the day that will be christened by the names of Catherine or William, or even Pippa and Harry. The Queen looked lovely in lemon yellow but Catherine was the bell of the ball with a stunning dress. When the carriage and everything happened I really felt like I was watching the end of Disney's Cinderella. I wish them all the privacy and happiness they deserve!
Had an interview for Next on Thursday, was so nervous, managed to get through it and get myself the job so will start that soon. Will be flitting backwards and forwards from uni so that I can work before I finally finish my first year which will be very sad, no more halls!
I need to pack and do my essay.