Friday, June 24, 2011

24/06/11 Photo Diary

Nothing too interesting today, went to work was busier so it went quicker, started my uni reading.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

23/06/11 Photo Diary

I understand that my blog isn't very entertaining or interesting but it's simply a journal/ diary for my own personal keepsake. I keep finding old diary's from about ten years ago and they make me giggle the things I used to think about and how obvious to life I was. Maybe Ill say the same about these posts in another ten years. Went to work today then spent some time with my boyfriend. He's moving next week so it was the last time I could spend in his current house. I can't believe I've know him nearly five years and there are so many memories, good and bad that come from that house.

Not a very flattering photo but a photo from today anyhow.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22/06/11 Photo Diary

Been out with a friend today to get our eyebrows threaded and catch up before she goes on holiday. Forgot how much it hurt! Then went swimming with Mum after she finished work. We've got up to 26 lengths and add two more each time maybe one day we will make 100! Not looking forward to work tomorrow oh well I shouldn't complain at least I have a job. Toodles x
Emily's random drawing of the three of us...guess who's who!?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21/06/11 Photo Diary

Photo Diary- Managed to catch an hour of sun. I think I'm a sun least I wear sun cream!

Photo Diary 20/06/11

Gonna start a photo diary I think its a good idea when you look back and see how you change over the months, years, decades. I will start daily but it will probably turn into weekly then monthly as I get lazy or busy. So here's day one and day two follows as I started yesterday.


Beach Break Live was another of the best experiences of my life. Don't get me wrong the beginning of it made me want to cry but it turned out to be just WOW. At the beginning it just seemed to rain and rain and rain and RAIN! When all you have is one hoody and an uncomfortable tent to go back to it was undesirable and made me miserable. But the sun started to fight its way through and my smile seemed to widen also. I made some amazing friends as well as spending time with best friends it was so good. I literally danced till I couldn't walk, drank beer (yuk), squatted so many times in the most horrendous toilets you have ever seen and still kept my dignity. I think the good things outlayed the bad and you forget it. I even managed to have a couple of showers while I was there as disgusting as it was. We found the more unknown bands even better than the famous main liners and even got to flirt with some of them! :) We felt like true groupies and I was even persuaded to buy a CD! Must of been in love... Some of the main liners were Tinie Tempa, Example, Magnetic Man, Professor Green, Katy B etc etc but some of the more amazing unknown bands were Brother and Bones and Archie and the Alpacas. There was so many crazy tents and I don't know whether it was because we were all students but there was a strong sense of unity between everyone. There was a secret tent called The Secret Venue that just hitched up somewhere different all the time and we desperately tried to find it but couldn't. You could just talk and make friends with absolutely everyone even if the conversation was about how bad the toilets were. I generally wanted to go home the first day but now I want to go back! However the lack of sleep, toilet situation made home a beautiful haven on my return. Additionally to my happiness I only put on one pound which was very unexpected due to the amount of rubbish I ate and drank but back on the diet today :)

Here's some piccys of the festival I hope we go back next year!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Festival Fever

Have been enjoying a little peace and quiet as Mum, Dad and Andrew have been enjoying the sunshine in Suffolk this week. However I have been working! Went to visit my grandparents yesterday was lovely to see them and hear all about their holiday to the Isle of Scilly. Onlyy a few days till I go to beach break very nervous and excited lets hope I don't loose my head. I certainly won't be loosing any weight. I've been doing slimming world with Mum and weighing myself once a week and slowly but surely the pounds are gradually dropping off. It's been hard though, cutting out all the yummy things like chocolate and Chinese and replacing it with fruit and veg! I really like and understand food optimizing though and think its a great way to loose weight without starving yourself because it's all about eating as much as you want of the good things so that you don't go hungry and I can still have a chocolate bar if I want!
Going shopping tomorrow to pick up some last minute things to take mainly pot noodles and cider but might be able to fit an apple or two in my bag. Em finally comes back from uni on Friday so will be good to catch up with her its so strange living together all these years and then only seeing each other in the holidays. Even if summer is a whopping 4 months off its still been hard.

Ive been looking online for a things to take to a festival list and this is the best I've found so far..
Clothing, x3 pair shoes (Thongs [aka Flip-Flops for Americans], Flats, Sandshoes), Duct Tape, Earplugs, Glowsticks, Torches/Lighting, Cash, Alcohol, Camera, Phone, CDs (for the car), Chair, Tent, Table, Food/Drinks, Harmonica, Guitar/Guitar case, Handbag, sleeping bag/pillow, Schoolbag/ travellers bag, Songbook/lyric book, Pen and Paper+ Texta (Autographs!), Cards, Aerogard/Bugspray, Sheet (x2), Airmatress, Book, Umbrella, Can Opener/Bottle opener, Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner, Scrunchies/bobby pins/ headband/bandana, Hairspray/Mousse, Brush/comb/round brush, Facewasher/Towels, Deodorant/Perfume, Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Gum/Mints/Spare Toothbrush, Jewellery, Toiletpaper, Baby Wipes, Band-aids, 3B cream, Antiseptic/Tweezers, Aloe-Vera/Moisturizer, Condoms, Sunglasses, Watch, Beanie, Hat

Somehow doubt I can carry all that..

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Finished uni with a wonderful summer ball and have been back home for a couple of weeks now, although I feel strong relief not having to be in two places at once I do miss it. I've got a job in Next so I've been doing that a couple of days a week and just meeting up with friends, spending time with my boyfriend and sorting out the hoards of stuff I brought back with me. Just in time to take it all back again and move it into my new house. I'm living with three other girls, two of which are currently in Thailand having an adventure! Leaving me and my friend to sort and look after the house. We went up to collect the keys and made some measurements and I went back this week to move my stuff in with my family. I think we've done well and I'm very excited to move in.
Last week Mum, Dad and I drove up to Blackpool for the night to then bring my brother back from his uni in Manchester. On our first and probably last visit to Blackpool we arrived to find the tower and pretty much the whole sea front was covered in scaffolding and apparently having a big 5 million pound revamp. Cheers for the heads up Blackpool! Maybe one day we will return.
I'm off to Beach Break next week with some friends. It's a student festival based in Pembrey Park in South Wales. I've never been to a festival before so I am quite nervous plus the fact its four nights so I wonder if I'll survive! It sounds amazing though it's location it brilliant right on the beach and the park and so many games events going on with a fantastic line up now all we need is good weather, plenty of sleep and clean toilets...
Off to catch up with a couple of friends. T.T.F.N