Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving In-

Moved in for good late last night, just me and one housemate were here and my two other flatmates moved in properly today. It's so exciting! We've had lots of visitors and uni was absolutely buzzing with people I was very sad not to be a fresher anymore. I got completely lost in the library and am totally puzzled with all the new lecture times and places but just going to enjoy freshers this week. Went to visit my friend who's a fresher in his halls, I remember how nerve raking it was last year to make friends, he's feeling the same. Was gonna go out tonight but decided to wait till tomorrow as the uni events are better from then onwards. Our living room has had a makeover and now looks cosy and girly, and we went on our first house food shop and the car was full! It's strange because all my other friends from home who are now also in 2nd year have already experienced cooking for themselves etc but here at St Mary's we didn't have cookers and had food included for the first year, which sounds amazing but it really wasn't, so we are so happy to be able to eat what we want when we want. I was quite proud of my healthy shop to get on my diet lots of fruit and things I can eat with slimming world diet (plus a couple of chocolate bars and wine as I'm only human) so excited for the weeks ahead! Toodles x


Went up to Twickenham for a week with George to spend some time together before I start uni again and his work gets buzier for the christmas period. We couldn't afford a holiday together this year so decided to go to my house as I'd been paying for it and not spent anytime there. We brought enough food so we didnt have to leave the house as the weather wasn't great but we managed to go to a few places. Popped up to Twickenham shops and pub etc, went into Kingston to do some shopping and cinema. We wanted to go to London zoo but the weather was awful so as we didnt want to waste a day so we still went into London for the day to a musem at Picadilly called 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' which was filled from top to bottom by authentic, original and unbelievable exhibits ranging from worlds tallest man, a four metre long model of tower bridge made out of matchsticks, even a mirror maze, it was a good day out for any age. Then we had a look at the m & m world that I'd heard about in Leister Square which was a huge shop full of m & m merchandise, very strange I think it's big in America. Went into Richmond another day and walked along the river its so unbelievably beautiful, we had a nice cold drink in the sunshine before having some dinner in Nandos. Had a lovely week and really gonna miss him even though I still come home weekends. We have been together four years now and havent yet spent that much time together but we didnt argue once! He even agreed to help make some cupcakes (he unadmittedly enjoyed it) pictures of week below :)

Friday, September 02, 2011


I can't believe it's September already, its scary before we know it we will be 2012 the year we thought would never come. The year London holds the Olympics, will It be a success? I wonder..
Went to meet my Aunt in London on Tuesday with my sister, we managed to catch a glimpse of my cousins beautiful triplets who live near by just before heading to the theatre for a matinee. We went to see 'The Mouse Trap' which is west ends longest running play, it was very good and worth seeing. By the interval we had guessed who the murderer was it was very satisfying guessing right but at the end we were asked not to tell anyone and to keep the secret of who 'done it' alive. I've been working lots over the last few days before I go off to university on Sunday. I'm off to spend a week up in my house before I start lectures with my boyfriend to get settled and sort out all the broken or unsafe things and visit the zoo and places like that. I'm looking forward to it as I haven't spent much time up there despite paying rent every month. Then the following week it will be freshers week, how fast has that year gone! Wow.