Monday, October 10, 2011


Haven't really felt like writing on here recently. To be honest haven't really felt like posting on twitter or facebook. I sort of took a step back and thought what am I actually writing? The things people put up like 'omg I had such a bad day I just don't wanna talk about it' which of course draws in thousands of replies like 'whats wrong', 'private message me' etc. To me what is the point. Everything people write is to be read and theres times when I think I just don't want to know! But then that's what these sites are all about documenting every moment, every feeling every opinion. I feel its creating very selfish egotistic people who crave for attention and replies. So I just took some time out and I feel from now on I will think before I post.

Ive been working really hard at uni, I hope it all pays off, sometimes I feel those around me don't work as hard, don't even do the work given but fly through ticking all the boxes and getting a decent grade. I however have whats called a conscience and work continuously to hand in on time, never ever to be late and work to the best to create the best response. There's a saying 'work hard but play harder' I think I defiantly need to balance out my time because I'm beginning to over work and become exhausted.

Am missing my brother and sister alot I hope they are happy and healthy and are finding themselves. University is a secure environment but lets you experiment with life and experience it to its full. (Also learning to cook, clean and washup for those few who don't know!) I hope they both use it too its full as we are already in year two and will be graduating before we pause to blink.

Doing some work this morning before packing my life up into a suitcase (mainly books) and training it back up to uni to then return again on Friday. I don't mind because I get to see my Mummy and Daddy :) but sometimes I wish I could not have anywhere to be, no deadlines and no work. However I don't think I would function as a person. So there we are a post about me, to be read by others what a selfish person I am.

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Anonymous said...

It's not selfish, I want to hear what you are up to xx And i'm missing you too. I think it'd be odd not to have any deadlines, i think i'd create my own wildly difficult ones if i didnt.