Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone :)
Just thought I'd say I'm still here, still breathing just been very busy despite just having my reading week. Nice to spend some time with Mum and Dad. Volunteered at Ham House in the week face painting and doing ghost stories for kiddies, was fun and a beautiful house. Found out I'm allergic to face paint yippee! Off to a zumba class in a few hours quite excited as have wanted to go to one for ages, I think a little exercise will calm me down. Lots of rehearsals, and work to do really looking forward to the weekend as it means I will have got through the week. Seeing three shows this week, 'An Evening of Grand-Guignol' which is one of the third year company productions and 'Fasymmetric Theory' which was written by a third year and again another company production. Have to see them as it will be us next year! Then on Friday before I come home seeing 'A-Political Caberet' which is devised by our fellow 2nd year Applied Theatre pathway and it's free and always fun and inspiring. Went to see the new film 'Anonymous' with Mum and Dad on Saturday, Dad fell asleep, but Mum and I really enjoyed it. It really was fantastic and helps me greatly with my 'Early Modern Drama' module hmmm I wonder if Shakespeare wrote the plays or not?

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Lynn said...

Lots of food for thought, glad you enjoyed the film. See you next weekend. x