Saturday, November 05, 2011


November, November the 5th of November..

What a week! It's safe to say that I have seen some brilliant theatre. Two third year shows and one second year. One in particular was called 'Fasymetric Theory' written by Kat Evans, it was sensational. The best show that has ever been on the St Mary's stage. The writing was so beautiful and it was clear the director had brought out the genius of the writing. It was the world premiere at St Mary's and I know it will go far. I brought the script and will go back to it many times in the future. Our only hope now is if we can pull a show as half as good as that off next year we will be laughing.

Lots of deadlines, lines, essays ahhh. Why can't I go back to rainy days and duvet days full of crappy films and chocolate and sleep.

Had some brilliant classes this week also. Ian Redford (you may not him from Corrie) taught us for the second time yesterday even though he did repeat some of the exercises it was still a good workshop and it reunited us to intentions/objectives and actioning which for me is at the heart of all acting. Additionally he reunited me, with a play I have been trying to find for years! I saw it a few years ago at the National and it has stuck in my mind. A play by Dennis Kelly called 'DNA' but it has now been renamed which explains my trouble with finding it. It's a play about 'the enclosed world of adolescent cruelty' and it's were I first saw Ruby Bentall who was an unstoppable chatterbox and has recently been Minnie in Lark Rise To Candleford.

Now I better go and get some work done before work. (Also went to Zumba on Monday my first time...loved it! Im shaking the pounds off hopefully :))